Meeting for Healing Resources


A library of downloadable (.pdf) resources on the history and practice of Healing Prayer in the Manner of Friends, and other useful information assembled by Richard Lee. Click on the title to download the selected article.


Introduction to Meeting for Worship with Attention to Healing

“Meeting for Worship for Healing” Richard K. Lee and Sarah M. Lloyd, Friends Journal, April 2018

“Meeting for Healing in the Manner of Friends” Merry Stanford and Richard Lee, Friends Journal, December 1995

“Healing Prayer Workshop” Merry Stanford and Richard Lee, Quaker Life, March 1997

“What is a Meeting for Healing” Buffy Curtis, The New England Friend, Spring 2002

“Meeting for Healing at Homewood Friends” — from the Internet, 2003

“Meeting for Worship for Healing:  A Friendly Guide” by Richard Lee

Information by and/or about George Fox

Article about George Fox’s ‘Book of Miracles’ edited and with an introduction by Henry J. Cadbury — by Richard Lee

Review of George Fox’s ‘Book of Miracles’ edited and with an introduction by Henry J. Cadbury —  by Richard Lee, Friends Journal, November 2000

The Gift of Healing in the Life of George Fox — Essay by Edmund Goerke

Epistle by George Fox — Ye are Called to Peace — Edited by George Amoss Jr from The Works of George Fox (1990)

George Fox’s Teaching on the Place of Scripture, George Amoss (online)

“Fox and the Witches” — etching and quotation from George Fox’s Journal

From the Friends Fellowship of Healing — Great Britain

“Early Friends and Spiritual Healing” — Cecil W. Sharman, Toward Wholeness #72, Spring 1992

Prayer for Healing in the Experience of the Friends Fellowship of Healing, Pamphlet #8, 1989

Sixty Years of Fellowship (1935-1995), Bernice Joachim and Alan Pearce, Friends Fellowship of Healing, Pamphlet #2, 1995

“Towards a Quaker Healing Testimony” — David Hodges, Toward Wholeness #87, Spring 1997

“True Prayer” — Jack Dobbs, Toward Wholeness #90, Spring 1998

Starting a Healing Group, Friends Fellowship of Healing, Pamphlet #4

Information by and/or about Richard Lee

“Friendly Healing in Frampton and the Forest” from Quaker Theology, #9 Fall-Winter 2003 article by Richard Lee

“Welcome to the Beautiful Forest of Dean” from the Royal Forest of Dean Tourism Website  8-6-2002 (Richard’s family is from the Forest of Dean)

Quaker Healing Prayer: Comments on Process

Background on the Red Cedar Friends Meeting for Healing — compiled by Richard Lee

Healing: Early Friends — with Dates (but not a chronology)

Modified Worship Sharing/Talking Stick

Resource and Reading List — compiled by Richard Lee

Bible Study Resources on Healing

Resume of Richard Lee

Memorial Minute for Richard Lee  (January 19, 1949 – August 5, 2018) Approved by Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, Red Cedar Friends Meeting, February 10, 2019

Memorial Program for Richard Lee (January 19, 1949 – August 5, 2018)

Information about Richard Lee’s approach to kenning

Kenning: An Introduction for Skeptics by Richard Lee

Kenning article from Wikipedia

“Witting and Kenning” — definitions relating to Richard Lee’s approach to kenning

A Kenning Poem by Carl Sandburg

Keening of the Dead — keening and kenning are related

More articles about Quaker Healing

“Quakers and Healing” by Susan Carnahan and Faith Community in Action Interview with Alex Mungall, The Canadian Friend November-December 1996

“Healing and the Quaker Tradition — A Testimony of Healing” — Report to Britain Yearly Meeting by Brian Hawkins on a talk by Alan Pearce of the Friends Fellowship of Healing 4-15-2000

“The Power: Quaking and the Rediscovery of Primitive Quakerism” Scott Martin, Friends Journal, May 2001

“The Power of Suffering Love: James Nayler and Robert Rich” George Amoss Jr. 2002

He Restoreth My Soul – A Quaker Approach to Healing — A collection of quotations published by Quaker Home Service May, 1959

“Healing Ministry” — Encouraging Calligraphy — Text by Anthony Dungey

Healing from Other Points of View

Pagan Healing — an online overview

“Can Prayer Heal? Scientists Suggest Recovery may be the Hand of God at Work,” ABC, 13 August 2001

“The Origin and Practice of Pow-Wow among the Pennsylvania Germans” Patrick James Dugan, Historical Society of Berks County, 2009

“Alternative Medicine: Powwowing as Therapy in an Amish Family” Gregory Hartzler-Miller

“Amish Health: The Importance of Culture to Medical Treatment” — Jeremy Jones, 1993

“Powwowing: a Persistent American Esoteric Tradition” — David W. Kriebel Ph.D. March 1997

“The Anabaptist Tradition,” chapter by Walter Klaasen

“The Medical Botany of John Bartram” Christopher Hobbs, Herbal Medicine website, about 18th century herbal healing

“Was Jesus a Reiki Master?” — William L. Rand, Reiki News Articles International Center for Reiki Training  6-7-2002

Jewish Healing Prayers — From Jewish Link, June 2007

Cornish Healing — “Charms and Charmers” from Cornish Witchcraft, 2009

Other Useful or Supporting Information — Quaker

“Spoken Ministry” — Quaker Home Service, 1988

“Deciding to Speak in Open Worship” — Quaker Life, July/August 1997

Worship Sharing Guidelines used by Red Cedar Friends Meeting

What Might I read to Understand Quakerism? — reading list assembled by Sue Emmert for the Red Cedar Friends Meeting Worship and Pastoral Care Committee

“Christ and Jesus in Early Quakerism” David K. Leonard, 2002

“Healing Chair” — poem by C. Michael Gibson, Friends Journal, August 1998

Other Useful Items

“Prayer Practices for Peacemakers” — Marlene Kropf for the Mennonite Church USA 2009

Prayer of Francis of Assisi

Prayer of Hildegard of Bingen