Learn More About Us

How can I learn more about Red Cedar Friends and Quakerism?

    Red Cedar Friends sign

  • Keep coming to worship.
  • Stay for potluck.
  • Talk to others in Quaker Meeting.
  • Check out the resources and links on this website.
  • Talk to the Clerk.
  • Attend Adult Religious Education offerings.
  • Get involved in activities that are announced.
  • Read the Newsletter.
  • Read the brochures and pamphlets on the welcome table.
  • Attend Meeting for Business.
  • Check out books from our Library.
  • Ask the librarians or other Friends for reading suggestions.
  • Attend Friends General Conference summer gatherings.
  • Visit the FGC bookstore at quakerbooks.org/.
  • Attend Retreats, Quarterly or Yearly Meetings, Michigan Friends Center activities, Pendle Hill workshops.