A Listening Spirituality

For 350 years…

Red Cedar Friends Meeting HouseThe underlying principle of Friends belief and practice is that within every person there is that of God or Spirit leading us to respect the worth and dignity of all.

For 350 years, Friends (or Quakers) have waited in expectant silence, trusting that if we still our thoughts and intentions enough to hear it, the measure of Truth that is given to each of us will become clear.

We commit ourselves to learning the practices needed for listening deeply, for speaking and living our truths, for respectful differing and for faithful risk-taking so that spirit can lead us to deeper and deeper truths and practice.

Listen for your own truth

Friends gather in Meeting for Worship on each First Day (Sunday) to wait in expectant silence for the Spirit to speak in the still center of each of our beings. We trust that messages which come to us individually, even when they seem disparate, are pieces of truth. Therefore, when led to do so, each person shares his or her Light with the community. Often within the silence Friends find healing, truth, peace, love, kindness, wisdom, guidance, nurturing, and much more.

Listen for Shared Leadings in Community

The second Sunday morning of each month at noon, Red Cedar gathers for Meeting for Business. At these meetings, we gather in the spirit of worship to discern together what collective leadings we share as a group and to conduct business.

Whether you are a seasoned Quaker or just exploring, do plan to join us for this meeting–in some ways this is where you feel our Quaker practice take hold. The discipline of testing our individual leadings in community with one another is what makes Quaker meeting different from individual meditation and business practice.

Listen in new ways

Spiritual Formation: Some of us meet in small worship and study groups to deepen our spiritual discipline of prayer and expectant listening.

Meeting for Healing: A group of us meets on the third Monday of the month to pray for healing–individual for people who request it, or collectively for our world.