Worship Guidelines

Simple Guidelines for Meeting for Worship


  • Please enter quietly to prepare for worship, so we may be gathered in the Spirit together.
  • Friends frequently “center down” into worship through inward listening, contemplation, and silent prayer. Thoughts may come and go, but just ride through them into the stillness.
  • Our messages of ministry are Spirit-led and intended for all, though a given message may speak strongly to one person and not at all to another.
  • Messages may refer to or build on each other, but we do not directly respond to, or correct, one another’s ministry.
  • Allow time for reflection between vocal messages, so the ministry can settle into our hearts and souls.
  • When vocal ministry is being given, please wait to enter or leave until the person has finished speaking. If you must leave the meeting room for any reason during worship, quietly exit through the nearest door.
  • As a community, we are committed to traditional Quaker testimonies of equality, simplicity, social justice, integrity, and peace.
  • We are open, affirming, and appreciative of spiritual seekers. Red Cedar Friends Meeting strives to be fully inclusive and to welcome everyone.
  • Knowing there are Friends and visitors to our Meeting who have health concerns that are triggered by exposure to chemicals in fragrances, we encourage all to refrain from using personal products containing fragrances (natural or not).