Meeting for Worship with Attention to Healing

Red Cedar Friends Meeting’s Meeting for Worship With Attention to Healing is held at 7pm on the third Monday of each month at our meetinghouse. Newcomers and old timers are encouraged to join us!

If you plan to attend, please begin now to prepare your mind and spirit for the Meeting.

  • If you brought an intention for healing to a previous Meeting, please check in with the persons or situation that we held in the Light, and bring word of their current condition.
  • Especially notice and bring signs of hope, in the case of Friends and friends we have held, or other pertinent signs of hope that you notice in the world around you. This helps to strengthen our faith in the transformative power of our worship.
  • Consider bringing a need of your own for healing, or a situation or condition in the world that has personal significance for you. Our Meetings are always most profound when those we hold are present among us.
  • Please come to the Meeting for Healing ready to experience the Power of the Living Presence. Come willing to be transformed by this Presence, expecting that those we hold in the grace and love of the Spirit will be transformed.

Please be reminded that Quaker worship is a direct experience of the Living Presence. When those in attendance join their spirits to a need and simultaneously to the Living Spirit, what happens is always miraculous, rarely predictable to human minds and by its nature unique to those participating.

We regret that we are unable to take phone or email requests for prayers.

We eagerly look forward to experiencing the Power of the healing Light with you.

Meeting for Healing Resources