If I come to Potluck, what will it be like?

Friends gather for potluck monthlyAt the rise [end] of 10:30 Meeting for Worship we go to the social hall for snacks and once a month for potluck. The Hospitality Committee and volunteers get out dishes and help people set up their food. We join hands in a circle and have a period of grace. Feel free to join any table once you have your food. The Hospitality Committee supervises clean up, but everyone helps informally. Help is needed and appreciated.

Is there any food I should or shouldn’t bring?

People bring whatever they like. The group represents a diversity of diets, and everyone chooses the foods that suit them. It helps if hidden ingredients are indicated on a label or card. We have recently discovered that we have some children with peanut and wheat allergies, so we ask that these ingredients be identified.

Where do I put the food during Meeting?

You can put it in the kitchen. There is refrigerator space for foods that need to be kept cold, and microwave ovens for warming things up.

What if I come and discover it’s Potluck but I brought no food?

Not to worry! We hope you’ll stay for potluck anyway. We all forget sometimes and there always seems to be plenty of food.

What is that hospitality sign up thing being passed around? If I sign up, what would I be expected to do?

That is a clipboard with a month of Sundays on it. You can sign up to help set up the room for worship, to bring a snack for the social time, or to clean up after the social time. Helpful hands are all around, so don’t let being unsure of how things work stop you from pitching in. Hospitality Committee members are always present and ready to help you figure out what needs to be done or where the leftover juice goes.