Meeting for Business

You’ll Be Glad You Came.

This is where worship leads to collective action.

Quakers don’t share a belief system, we share a faith practice. In worship, our experience is that when we still ourselves and listen to the Inner Guide, each of us can discern a Truth that often cuts to the heart of who we are and requires changes in us if we are to be faithful to our leadings.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business is where we do that same thing collectively: as a community, we wait in expectant silence…we listen to the messages that come to all of us…and we open ourselves to being changed and brought into Unity with the gathered Sense of the Meeting. It can be an awe-filled experience. Join us and see for yourself.

Sometimes attenders wait a long time before venturing into Quaker Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, feeling more interest in “spiritual” worship than in “mundane” business.

Experienced Quakers will tell you that this is a mistake: both are richer in the presence of the other. Individual worship prepares our hearts for the moving experience of coming to Unity with a community around decisions of how to live and move together in the world. Conversely, sharing business decisions together melds us into a Meeting capable of even deeper worship together. The interplay of the two kinds of worship is one of Quakerism’s most surprising blessings.