Social Activities

Getting to Know One Another

How will I get to know people?

We have a social time at the rise of the 10:30 meeting and Potluck after meeting one Sunday of the month. We offer some intergenerational activities such as visiting the corn maze in the fall, sledding parties in the winter, and camping in the summer. Programs to explore Quakerism and study groups are common; there are active Spiritual Formation groups in the meeting, which are generally open to new members in the fall of each year. Other ways to get to know Friends are to attend Meeting for Worship with Attention to Healing (Meeting for Healing) or volunteer for a work project.

Friends talking at The Art of Fearlessness eventAnnouncements of both Quaker and wider community activities are included in the monthly newsletter, which is sent out via e-mail and shared after Meeting for Worship. Announcements often include activities that will bring us together during the week. The newsletter is helpful for understanding Meeting and its activities. Copies of recent newsletters are available on request. Ask the Clerk, a member of the Membership and Outreach Committee, or the newsletter editor to find you a copy. We also have a newcomer’s packet and brochures that are available on the welcoming table in the Worship room and a sign-up sheet for those interested in receiving e-mails and newsletters.

Attending Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business each month is a wonderful way to get to know the meeting and the people in it.