Adult Religious Education


The Adult Religious Education (ARE) Committee sponsors adult activities such as the Quakerism 101 series or discussion of a particular pamphlet or book. The meeting also has occasional retreats.

TheSmall group of Friends in conversation material presented varies each year, but recent sessions have covered such varied topics as:

  • George Fox and the Origins of Quakerism
  • What is meant by “the Inner Light”…and “the Seed of Christ”?
  • Experiencing a “Gathered Meeting” for Worship
  • Discernment and Corporate Decisions:  Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business)
  • Discernment and Personal Decisions:  Clearness Committees

Most of the sessions will be held on the first and/or the fourth Sunday of the month, but there is some variation, so see dates in our calendar. Readings for some sessions may be available beforehand, but generally, no preparation or advance reading is required.

Everyone is welcome, and childcare will be available.