Technology Assistant/In-person Zoom administrator

  • Arrive about 10a
  • Set up two laptops, wi-fi enabled to separate hot-spots until the building is fully equipped.
    • Set one up on a table near the thermostat.  This one will be the “camera” by which zoomers see the in-person folks.  It also functions to allow in-person attenders to see the small and far-away speaker view of any zoomer who’s speaking.  THIS LAPTOP NEEDS TO HAVE ITS ZOOM SET TO MUTE, ITS ZOOM CAMERA ON, ITS ZOOM VIEW SET TO “SPEAKER” AND ITS COMPUTER OUTPUT SOUND OFF.  
    • The other laptop can be located on the opposite wall, where the tech-assistant will sit on the bench.  This one will be the “mic” by which in-person attenders can speak to zoom and through which they’ll hear zoomers speak. The tech assistant will stay near this laptop to turn the camera on  (in order to minimize people handling the laptop).    THIS ONE SHOULD HAVE ITS COMPUTER OUTPUT SOUND ON, ITS ZOOM CAMERA OFF AND ITS ZOOM MUTED, ITS ZOOM VIEW ON GALLERY.    
    • When a Friend wants to provide vocal ministry, they should approach the tech assistant’s stand.  The tech assistant can turn on the video and unmute so they can speak.  Turn the camera off and return to mute after they finish.  

If you have problems, please contact a member of the tech group:  Yvonne, Esther or April

  • During introductions, most participants will walk to the laptop, however, be prepared to take the laptop to others.
  • Signs for the chairs will be at the meeting house to indicate whether a person will be seen by Zoom participants or not, and indicate what to do when they would like to speak. The text for the chair signs is available here.

Details in PDF form can be downloaded here

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  • Tech assistants will need to know the passwords for the hotspots or eventually, the meeting house wi-fi.  The password will not be in these instructions but are on a bulletin board in the fellowship hall.
  • You are not on your own!  You can shadow someone else until you feel comfortable.
  • These documents may be updated as we purchase equipment.  Please check back here regularly.
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