Technology Assistant/In-person Zoom administrator

Detailed How-To for setting up equipment – click here!

  • Arrive about 10a
  • The smart TV will act as the monitor so attenders can see the remote Zoom participants
  • The smart TV will be the speaker – set about 1/3rd up on the sound bar
  • The wireless microphones will be carried to a speaker so they can be heard both in the room and by Zoom participants. The microphone does not have a long range so even being two seats away, the speaker’s voice won’t be picked up
  • Your laptop will act as the camera  
    • Your laptop should be turned so it faces into the meeting room so remote Zoom participants can see the RCF in-house participants.    Zoom should have the audio ON. Zoom is set to take the audio from the microphone so there won’t be an echo
    • When a Friend wants to provide vocal ministry, take the microphone to them and turn it on. Sanitize it and turn it off until needed again. 
  • More detail about using the TV remote and finding the correct HDMI setting can be found here.

If you have problems, please contact someone familiar with the setup:  Esther, Mindy, Yvonne, Joann or April, among others.

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  • Tech assistants will need to know the 4-digit code for the front door key, which is also the PIN on the laptop.
  • You are not on your own!  You can shadow someone else until you feel comfortable.
  • These documents may be updated as we purchase equipment.  Please check back here regularly.
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