Technology Assistant

  • Arrive about 10a. If arriving earlier than 10, be aware that you can start setting up in the social hall.
  • Set up the hotspot(s), until wi-fi in the meeting house is available
  • Set up two laptops, wi-fi enabled, with camera
  • Stay with one laptop so when a Friend wants to provide vocal ministry, you can turn on the video and unmute so they can speak.  Turn the camera off and mute when they finish.  (This is to minimize the number of people handling the laptop.)
  • During introductions, most participants will walk to the laptop, however, be prepared to take the laptop to others.

Details can be downloaded here .

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  • Tech assistants will need to know the passwords for the hotspots or eventually, the meeting house wi-fi.  The password will not be in these instructions so be sure you know them beforehand.
  • You are not on your own!  You can shadow someone else until you feel comfortable.
  • These documents may be updated as we purchase equipment.  Please check back here regularly.
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