Friends Called to Ministry

Peer Group for Friends Called to Ministry or Service

Four Friends meet regularly, utilizing a peer group process intended to support Quakers in faithfully carrying a ministry or following a leading. The group provides ongoing support and help with discernment.

The process was first introduced at Pendle Hill and other locations by a leadership team which included Beckey Phipps (formerly of our Meeting), Laura Melly, and Marcelle Martin. The four friends have found great value in the process, and would like to encourage establishment of a new group.

The group would meet monthly at two-hour sessions. Individuals have the focus of the group for about one hour. The individual Friend presents something about her/his experience. Other members prayerfully listen and, as prompted by the Spirit, to ask questions after the presentation is over.

If at least four Friends are interested in forming a new group, members of the current group will provide written guidelines for group process and meet with you once if you wish.