‘The Art of Fearlessness’

An invitation to the mid-Michigan community, May 13-20, 2017

Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts logoThere is a lot of fear in our society, some for good reasons and some manufactured to control and dominate others. The Quakers at Red Cedar Friends Meeting in Lansing are calling the community together to stand up in courage, using artistic expression to strengthen one another. This week is held in conjunction with the national Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts. Red Cedar Friends will be holding a number of their major events on May 20, and they will be announced soon here.

You’re invited – encouraged! – to promote artistic expressions combating fear during this week, and to share them in a place where you find community – a club, a place of worship, a school, a park. We’d like to hear especially from those among us who are vulnerable and whose voices are not often heard (for example, children, prisoners, and persons who are homeless, aged, sick, developmentally or mentally disabled, etc.)  Such art can enhance understanding and advocacy for their lives.

We are defining art as broad creativity: visual, performance, music, poetry, book readings, cultural events, dancing, etc. You decide your audience, your participation, your date, time, place, and event. Just send the information below to patgrauer@gmail.com and we’ll include it on the web page here and in other community joint publicity. We’ll need

  • Name of your “Art of Fearlessness” event
  • Date, time and place
  • Sponsor name (Organization or group)
  • Short description of event (
  • Contact information: Name, phone, email

Need more info?  Contact FQA Board Member/Midwest Liaison Sandra L. Cade (517- 974-7188, slcade1@gmail.com)

Thank you!


Quakers often use “queries” to determine a cooperative response for action.  Here are those we’re considering in this program

  • What would you do if you were not afraid?
  • How do we stand up for fearlessness in this era of terror and oppression? How can we remain safe but not be suppressed?
  • Who are some of the role models from whom we can get inspiration and learn about fearlessness?
  • What can you do today that is fearless for you?

Sponsored by the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts