‘Participating in God’s Power’ introductory session, March 31, 2019

image of burning candle

On Sunday morning, March 31, Red Cedar Friends will host a one-hour session from 9-10am led by Angi York Crane and Christopher Sammond, co-leaders of an upcoming residential program designed for those who yearn to open more fully to God’s presence, power and guidance. Join us if you can to hear more about the program, which will happen from August 2019 to September 2020:

Participating in God’s Power is built around four interconnected themes:

  • Communion: staying steady in transformational connection with the Inner Teacher
  • Awareness: noticing how we separate ourselves from others, from God and from parts of ourselves we don’t like
  • Responsiveness: developing the spiritual muscle to stay trusting and connected
  • Healing: letting the power of God’s Presence work in us to bring wholeness and integrity

Students and teachers will gather in weekend residencies over a twelve-month period. The new program is designed to take place on four holiday weekends, to enable working people to participate with a minimum of time-off.

And learn more at their website.