Adult Religious Education, Feb. 24, 2019

Worship sharing at Red Cedar Friends

Feb 24, 2019, noon

Kayla Park from Samaritas (formerly Lutheran Social Services) will lead a session on local Sanctuary efforts and Refuge Michigan supporting refugee youths.

Unaccompanied refugee minors from around the world are waiting for the opportunity of safety, family, and a future. Our program, Samaritas Refugee Youth Services, works with local individuals and families who welcome in these young refugees as foster families or serve them as mentors or tutors. Once in a foster family, our agency is able to provide services to the youth to help them overcome the trauma of their past, reach successful independence, and thrive in their new community.

March 24, 2019, noon

Lee Sayles, Chana Kraus-Friedberg, and April Allison, Contemporary Quaker Poets.

April 7, 2019, 9 am

Carolyn Lejuste, FGC Institutional Assessment on Racism

April 28, 2019, noon

John Yungblut: On the Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism. Yungblut saw Quakerism as a mystical movement that offers unique ways of evolving and meeting the spiritual needs of modern seekers, led by Karen Hooker.

Please refrain from using products with fragrances (natural or not). The fewer scented products (e.g., perfumes, aftershave, lotions, body washes, shampoos, cosmetics, laundry soap, and fabric softeners) we all use, the more likely people with respiratory conditions, chemical sensitivities and allergies will be able to enjoy and participate fully in RCF’s Adult Religious Education sessions. Thank you.