Adult Religious Education, Oct. 7, 2018

Worship sharing at Red Cedar FriendsOctober 7, 2018, 9 am

Playing and Praying the Psalms.  This Session will be led by Stephanie Charlot, Jeanne Donado, and Kris Gaumer.

October 28, 2018, noon

Action of Greater Lansing and Friends.  This discussion will explore how Red Cedar Friends might response to legislative initiatives outlined by Action.  Mary Ashley and Cathy Clifford will participate.

November 4, 2018, 9 am

Quakerism 202 Core Quaker Vocabulary and Metaphors.  We will open the Quaker-English/English-Quaker Dictionary.  Bring your best definition of the Light.

December 2, 2018, noon 

Quaker influence and advocacy in the 20th century movement for human rights and humanitarian affairs.  Quakers heavily influenced the founding of Amnesty International, and of course the American Friends Service Committee and British Friends Service Council were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their humanitarian work.  The Session will be led by Susan Waltz.

February 24, 2019, noon 

John Yungblut: On the Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism. Yungblut saw Quakerism as a mystical movement that offers unique ways of evolving and meeting the spiritual needs of modern seekers, led by Karen Hooker


ARE is seeking others willing to lead sessions on 20th and 21st Century Friends.  Please contact Brad Shaw at

Please refrain from using products with fragrances (natural or not). The fewer scented products (e.g., perfumes, aftershave, lotions, body washes, shampoos, cosmetics, laundry soap, and fabric softeners) we all use, the more likely people with respiratory conditions, chemical sensitivities and allergies will be able to enjoy and participate fully in RCF’s Adult Religious Education sessions. Thank you.