Red Cedar Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship w/ Attention to Healing, Oct. 15, 2018

At 7 p.m., Monday, October 15, Meeting for Worship for Healing will be held at the Red Cedar Friends Meetinghouse.

The Red Cedar Friends Meeting has had a monthly Healing Prayer  since February 1994, and all are welcome. Generally, there are eight to ten of us who faithfully come together to hold individuals or concerns in the Light. Some Friends come early to help with set up needs and the important preliminary social conversations.

Since we have been at this for more than two decades, we have a lot of folks who can lead us in prayer. Generally, we aim to keep our list of requests to around eight. These requests are then put into our Gathered Worship as is led by our Clerk. Towards the end of our worship, folks are encouraged to name individuals or requests and so expand our worship to include many more than the original requests. We find that as the evening progresses, the worship deepens.

We often follow up and check in with folks who have been held in the Light. We aim for Wholeness, recognizing that a situation might be part of a larger picture. We each approach the Light as we are individually and corporately led, and we are careful to pray as someone would wish. We therefore, don’t pray in judgment or condemnation. We also don’t pray for someone who does not wish for prayers. At the end of the evening we often share our individual and corporate experiences. Sometimes the conversations continue well into the evening. Sometimes the closing of the worship is hard to do. It is all a blessing. Feel free to join us also in prayer from wherever you are.

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